Here’s How You Can Check Refund Status Of Cancelled Tickets Online

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Indian Railways has recently launched a new facility which enables them to monitor the refund status of their cancelled tickets in real time. With the help of this new facility, the passengers who have cancelled their tickets can key in their Passenger Name Record (PNR) numbers of the tickets to know the refund status.

According to the Ved Prakash, who is a director of publicity of Railway Board, this new facility will help promote transparency in the system and will be helpful for the passengers who are waiting for their refunds. The passengers willing to cancel their tickets can do it across ticket counters in India, on IRCTC website and also through the enquiry number 139.

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The website related to the refund of the cancelled tickets is ‘’ and it has been developed by the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) which also maintains the popular website of Indian Railways

There are five important things to learn about the new refund checking facility from Indian Railways. First thing is that the travelers are supposed to log into the website – After logging into the website, the person has to click on Check Refund Status tab. In the Refund Status tab, PNR details will be asked.

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This facility is very useful as the status of refunds for tickets bought online or at ticket counters will be available on the website. This facility will majorly help those passengers who are forced to submit ticket cancellation claims through Ticket Deposit Receipts (TDRs) at ticket counters. The passengers will get an email or SMS about the refund status and processing of the cancelled tickets.

Other than this facility, Indian Railways has also started a new facility in which the Foreign Tourists including the NRIs will be able to book the railway tickets online using the website

Foreign tourists will be able to book the tickets under Foreign Tourist Quota up to 365 days in advance. When booking will be done within current Advance Reservation Period (ARP) then the seat berth will be given at the time of booking but for the booking done after the Advance Reservation Period (ARP), the seats will be allotted at a later stage by Railways PRS system.

The tourists will get the information about their booking from the International SMS facility. Currently, the Advance Reservation Period on Indian railways is 120 days and the old users and NRIs have to update and verify their mobile number. If you are a new user then you need to first register on the Indian Railways website.


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