Here’s How To Backup WhatsApp Data Or It Will Be Deleted Soon

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The popular messaging application WhatsApp uses Google Drive which is a popular cloud storage service that allows storage of 15GB for all by default. Whatsapp uses Google Drive to backup messages, photos, and videos. The major benefit of the WhatsApp content backed up on Google Drive is that it allows the application users to restore it again whenever they require it. But the disadvantage of these backups is that they consume Google Drive storage space that is available to the user.

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But there is a new agreement that has been decided by both WhatsApp and Google and according to this agreement, Google will no longer count the WhatsApp backups of the user against the Google Drive storage quota that is available to the user. In simple words, no restriction for uploading WhatsApp backups on Google Drive will be present. The data that can be backed up on the Google Drive will consist of messages, photos, videos, documents and even GIFs can be backed up in Google Drive.

The media fils or the messages that will be backed up on Google Drive will not be protected by WhatsApp through end-to-end encryption. The new agreement between Google and Whatsapp will come into effect from November 12, 2018, and this agreement is valid only for the users of Android smartphones as the WhatsApp data of the iPhone users is backed up on iCloud.

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The important thing to note is that Google will have the authority to automatically delete all the WhatsApp backups if they have not been updated in more than a year. So, it has been suggested to the users that they should back up their WhatsApp data before November 12, 2018, to avoid any loss of information. The manual back up of the Whatsapp data can be done very easily. Frist of all, the Android user needs to ensure that they have the setup of Google Drive on their smartphone. Then the user is supposed to go to WhatsApp and have click on the menu. Then you have to reach Chat backup option and have to click on Back Up. After this, the entire Whatsapp data will be stored in Google Drive.

Apart from this, if you are facing a problem with WhatsApp notifications then there is an easy solution for it. First of all the user needs to ensure that the notification settings on both WhatsApp and iPhone settings are turned on. In one option, you need to open your WhatsApp then have to go to Settings. In Settings, you need to open the option Notifications to make ensure that the Show Notifications option is enabled for messages as well as groups.

In the second option you need to go to WhatsApp, then you need to open the option Settings. After opening the option Settings, open Notifications and then In-App Notifications. In this option, you can turn off the vibration or sounds effects such as the sounds you hear when a message is sent or received.


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