Here’s How Adding Sporting Accomplishments Can Perk Up Your Resume

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Job search is a nerve-wracking experience. Rejection and the lack of calls from prospective employers become more common. Added to this is the pressure to make a resume that stands out.

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A resume is a way to catch an employer’s attention. For this reason, your resume needs to be a work of art. Creating the perfect resume that succinctly describes your achievement without being monotonous can be an exhausting task.

But along with the standard experiential sections on a resume, research shows that there’s a new question to consider–should you list sports experience on a resume? Both team and individual sports teach discipline, goal setting, accountability, focus, and how to lose.

Adding sports in your resume allows your personality to shine through, gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself, tailor your message to the individual employer and describe why you’re a good fit for the job.

We are accustomed to listing the details that directly affects the job we are applying for. But sporting accomplishments, which rarely ever figured out in resumes a few years back, tell some the more hidden qualities you might have that will be a resource to the company.

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Here are all the qualities that your would-be employers see if you give details about your sporting accomplishment.

Accountability- You’re accountable to yourself and your goals. You are equally good and dynamic as a team.

Managment skills: You can balance academics and sports, and you’re used to managing your time.

Work ethics: You have a strong work ethic and are dedicated to your goals.

Adaptivity: You’re used to the public spotlight and the pressure and scrutiny that comes with it.

Leadership skills: You have good mentoring and leadership skills, especially as a team leader.

These are just a few of the many facets of your personality that can be seen if you add sports in your resume. Team sports also add the competencies of collaboration and communication. Balancing the discipline of being an athlete and being a student is a great selling point for any career.

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Before you hit “send”, make sure to add the time you spent on the court in your resume. Your sporting accomplishment can also make your cover letter stand out. More and more recruiters are looking for more complex skills in a prospective employee and your sporting achievement might just tilt the scale in your favor.


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