Hard Disk Space Is Missing? Here Are Few Steps To Recover Lost Memory Space On Your Computer

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As we know, hard disk is the main storage media for computers. However, after purchasing a new hard disk or using a disk for a period of time, you may find some hard drive space is missing without knowing the exact reason. Are you troubled by the same issue? If the answer is yes, you are lucky, because from this post can help you out to solve your queries.

You can easily recover and utilise these wasted sectors by working in different ways. Cleaning your disk of ‘junk’ files, and reassigning all the memory to proper sectors on your hard disk.

Cleaning the junk files cannot only recover some amount of space, but it also speeds up the computer. These junk files include installation files, Windows Update files and temporary cache memory from browsers and system processes.

Step 1:
Place the cursor on the Cortana search bar and type ‘Disk Cleanup’. This is the Windows equivalent of an Android cache cleaning app. You can delete the files that are temporarily stored on the computer, especially those that take up more memory.

Step 2:
From the drop-down menu, you can select the drives that you want to target. We suggest you start with your primary hard disk partition. Click on ‘Clean up system files’

Step 3:
Once selected, you can view the amount of space you can free up and which folders take up more memory.

Step 4:
Ensure that you select all the folders and hit ‘Ok’. All the temporarily saved files will be cleared from your computer.

You can repeat the same steps for all other partitions.

The second method is Defragmentation, and unlike the Disk Cleaner, it does not delete unnecessary files. It rearranges all the files to occupy the unused space.

Consider a bookshelf where several books are placed one, but with occasional gaps. So, to make things more organised, you shift the books into the gaps and make more space for new books. Disk defragmentation works in the same way, so with the large amounts of data that’s is being reorganised, it will take up a larger amount of time.



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