This Rare & Deadly Disease Has Put Several Indian States On “High Alert”

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Nipah Virus is spreading at a very high rate in Kerala and two more people died today because of the dangerous virus-induced fever. As the condition can be seen worsening day by day, a team of experts from The Union health ministry has been sent to assist the people struggling with this disease.

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Kerala’s health secretary Rajeev Sadanandan commented on the serious topic by saying that the expert team from the Indian Council of Medical Research will arrive at Kozhikode today and that the team will try their best to help the people cope with such outbreak and will find a method to stop the virus from spreading. RL Saritha who is the State health director said that the Nipah virus was the cause of the two recent deaths in Kerala as confirmed by The National Virology Institute in Pune.

Various animals such as bats, pigs, and other animals have been detected to have Nipah Virus and these animals have become the major reason for the spread of Nipah Virus among humans in Kerala. According to a report, this is the first time Nipah virus has caused so many deaths in a state.

There is no vaccine or medicine to treat this virus-induced disease and supportive medicines and palliative care is the only way the patients are being treated in the hospitals.

One of the health officials told in a report that around 12 people infected with this virus have been admitted to various hospitals and more than 20 people are under the observation. The family members of these affected patients have been sent to safe places and the domestic animals are also kept under observation in order to avoid the increase in the number of the patients in North Kerala.


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A hospital nurse Lini attended the first two patients who died because of the Nipah Virus. Within a week Lini was also hospitalised and she too died after a long struggle with the disease. Her body wasn’t handed over to the family members which led to a strong protest because her body was cremated at the electric crematorium immediately after her death.

Another body of a person named Velauthan was also cremated in the electric crematorium to avoid the spread of Nipah Virus. Health workers present at the hospitals have started complaining that there are no precautionary gadgets present to prevent themselves from the infection.

To minimize the number of patients in Kerala, the state health department has set up a helpline number for anyone who wants to know any information related to the Nipah virus. This helpline will also help the patients with people with symptoms to get immediate help.


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