Google Reportedly Testing This New Feature On Gmail For Android

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Last year in September, Google announced its plans to kill the Inbox app and said that it would bring the bundles feature to Gmail. Now many reports have come to everyone’s attention that Google’s Inbox app will formally shut down next month.

Google is now reportedly testing a few Inbox features right inside the Gmail for Android app. It appears that Google may bring features such as bundles and reminders to future iterations of Gmail for Android.

This news starts gaining attention when a picture shared by a Redditor started doing rounds. The screenshot was of an internal build of Gmail for Android with a few Inbox features. The screenshot clearly shows the bundles feature that clubs similar emails together.

The image clearly shows that Gmail is working on to bring several inbox features to Gmail for Android. The new features will include bundles option which will enable users to compile together all similar emails. Further, the bundles’ feature will allow users to expand and mass archive emails.

It has been a popular feature within Inbox and could prove to be useful if it ends up in future Gmail releases. The screenshot also suggests the possibility of a reminders feature within Gmail for Android. Users may be able to quickly schedule reminders right inside Gmail on their Android device. According to the Redditor, the screenshot represents a very early design iteration.

According to the Redditor, ‘there’s still plenty of work to be done,’ which means it is still early to predict whether these features will be rolled out for Android users or not. However, a lot of Inbox features have been seen in Gmail over the last year, including Smart Reply, Nudges, inline attachments, and more. Since this seems like an early preview build, it’s still too early to speculate if these features will make it to the final build anytime soon.

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