Google Banned Every Cryptocurrency Mining Browser Extension From Chrome

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In the wake of breaching the guidelines and cryptojacking, while dealing with the cryptocurrencies, the internet giant Google made an announcement on Monday that it has put a ban on all cryptocurrency mining extensions from its store.

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Google also mentioned in the announcement that in the month of July, it will remove all the existing extensions that currently contain mining functionality.

Previously, Google allowed those extensions which were solely dedicated to mining and explicitly told their users of their purpose. However, many extensions breached the guidelines and policy was failing to keep out the noncompliant extensions, which is why Google had to take a stand on this issue.

Cryptojacking if implemented correctly is not a bad thing at all, in fact, it can largely for legitimate purposes such as raising revenue for a publishing platform or collecting funds for charitable causes.

But when it comes to reality the trick is being used for several malpractices for consuming processing resources on victim devices and potentially interfering with and damaging these targets.

Bad actors can use locally installed malware to steal a victim device’s computing power, embed miners directly into websites to target casual web users without needing to install anything or hide miners in a various number of significant tools.

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Cryptojacking has even found its way into critical infrastructure systems. Google developers who have been working on Google Chrome were worried about this problem and since then have been looking for an appropriate way to address the problem to the world. Until now, Google has been allowing all the mining extensions in their Chrome Web Store since they were there just for the purpose of mining only and thoroughly informed users about their function.

However, they later found out that almost 90% of the mining extensions developers submitted weren’t in compliance with the guidelines that were given to them by the Google, and were in fact either blocked or slipped through, which is why they were then needed to be removed later.

The inevitable lapses in this policing strategy allowed extensions with hundreds of thousands of downloads to end up crypto jacking users without their knowledge.

In their announcement, Google also mentioned that the ads they were giving to promote the synonymous products, cryptocurrencies and related content, not limited to just initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency trading advice will no longer be allowed to serve.

The ban most likely won’t completely eliminate the problem of crypto jacking, but the step will definitely make Google’s requirements much more clear and seems to be a commitment that the company will scrutinize extensions more closely for possible mining components.

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