Google Adds New Feature In Gmail, Find Out How It Will Make Your Task Easier

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Google, in order to make the Gmail app more convenient to use, has added a new feature to it. Now the users of Gmail app can customize the swipe actions. The users can change the ‘swipe actions’ from the settings menu in the app. For example in the Gmail app, the user can choose whether a right swipe will archive a mail or the mail will be marked as read.

The functionality of the options in the Gmail app will remain the same and only certain icons have been moved. There are some notable changes in the Gmail app that includes a new Google Drive logo, a white background, new font for the headers and the last change is an updated “New” button.

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The users who want to customize their Gmail app need to first click on the hamburger icon. Hamburger icon is the name for the three parallel horizontal lines on top of each other. The users will find hamburger icon at the top left side of the Gmail app and then they have to reach the Setting option.

In the Setting option, you need to click on the option “General Settings” and after it, you need to select “Swipe actions” from the next page. In the default setting, the emails were archived no matter you swipe left or right. But in the new setting, you can choose and customize the options like archive, delete, mark as read/unread, snooze etc.


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Apart from this new feature, the users of the Gmail will be able to sync messages, compose new messages and read messages even if their device is not connected to the internet. The productivity of the users present in locations with no reliable internet connection will be enhanced. The users can enable this feature by following few steps.

If a user doesn’t have the latest version of Gmail then they have to first log in to the Chrome Store and need to download the “Gmail Offline App”. After clicking on “Add to Chrome”, the app will be added to the list of shortcuts. The user has to select the app from the list and have to select the option “Allow offline mail” and then they have to press the “Continue “option. After following these steps, the user will be able to access his/her Gmail offline by opening the app.

If a user has the latest version of Gmail then the user has to open the Gmail account in a new tab on Chrome and has to select the settings menu after clicking on the gear option. The users need to enable the “Offline” option present under the general tab. The users can also select the time duration for which they require the offline emails.


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