Going For A Postpaid Connection? These Are The Best Plans By Telecom Companies

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Telecom operators are coming up with more competitive plans to attract more customers to their network and give a stiff competition to the other telcos.

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The launch of Reliance Jio was a severe blow to other telecom companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea Celluar, and others. To maintain their position and counter Jio’s immensely competitive plans, other telcos had to reduce the prices of their plans.

Initially, the competition was mainly confined to prepaid plans since most customers prefer prepaid plans as it is more economical. However, that is not the case anymore.

Postpaid plans have become as attractive its prepaid counterpart.

Here’s a look at the best postpaid plans by various operators.

Reliance Postpaid Plans

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Reliance Jio offers five postpaid plans with more or less similar benefits. The most affordable plan is priced at Rs.309 and it comes bundled with 30GB data, and a daily limit of 1GB. After the 1GB FUP limit is hit, the speed will be throttled down to 64Kbps till midnight.

The next plan is priced at Rs.409, which offers 20GB data without any capping. This means you can consume the 20GB data in one day, or scattered over a period of the billing cycle.

You can also choose the Rs.509 plan that offers 60GB data, with a daily limit of 2GB, or go for Rs.799 plan that offers 90GB data, with a daily limit of 3GB. The last plan is priced at Rs.999, which offers 60GB data without any daily restrictions.

In addition to data and unlimited local/STD calls, Jio offers a suite of apps on its platform, including JioMusic, JioTV, and JioCinema.

Vodafone Postpaid Plans

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Vodafone recently revised its postpaid plans which are now more competitively priced. There are eight plans in total and all plans offer unlimited local and national calls, and free incoming in roaming.

The cheapest is the RED basic plan for Rs.399 in which you get 20GB 3G / 4G data for the billing cycle.

There are three ‘RED Traveler’ plans – RED Traveler R priced at Rs.499 with 30GB data, RED Traveler M priced at Rs.699 with 40GB data, and RED Traveler L priced at Rs.999 with 60GB data.

The next three plans offer international calling.

The RED International R is priced at Rs.1,299 and offers 75GB data. RED International M, priced at Rs.1,699 offers 100GB 3G / 4G data. Both plans also come with free 100 minutes of international calls to the US, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and two months complimentary Netflix subscription.

The RED International L is priced at Rs.1,999 and offers 125GB 3G / 4G data along with the other benefits of RED                 International R and RED International M plans.

Airtel Postpaid Plans

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There are four plans to choose from each of them offering unlimited local and national calls, unlimited SMS (100 per day) and unlimited calls when roaming.

The basic plan is priced at Rs.399 and comes with 20GB 3G / 4G data but does not include unlimited outgoing in roaming.

The next plan is priced at Rs.499 and comes with 40GB 3G / 4G data. The third plan is priced at Rs.799, which offers 60GB 3G / 4G data, and the last plan is priced at Rs.1,199, which offers 90GB 3G / 4G data. All these three plans also come with Amazon Prime subscription for a year.

Idea Cellular Postpaid Plans

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Idea Cellular offers eight plans in total.

The most basic plan is priced at Rs.389 and comes with 10GB 3G / 4G data. The Rs.499 plan offers 30GB data, whereas the Rs.649 plan offers 45GB data. The Rs.999 plan offers 70GB data.

If these plans don’t adequately fulfill your data needs, Idea also offers plans with more data.

The Rs.1,299 plan offers 85GB data, whereas the Rs.1,699 plan comes with 110GB data. The last two plans are priced at Rs.1,999 with 135GB data and Rs.2,999 with 220GB data.

Now, that you are up-to-date with the various postpaid plans offered by different telcos, it would be easier to make a balanced decision.


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