Follow These Steps To Update EPF Details Online

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There always comes a time when we somehow make mistakes and then the EPF (employees’ provident fund) subscriber’s UAN details do not match the Aadhaar, causing inconvenience. The EPF UAN details can easily be corrected online using the statutory body’s unified portal.

If you want to correct the EPF details offline, then you will have to call up the UAN helpdesk or you can also directly approach the HR department at your workplace. The two methods have problems of their own.

However, the online method is said to be relatively easier and reliable to get it done faster. You can follow the below steps to do it yourself.

Step 1

The first step is by Logging on to EPFO’s unified portal, but for that you need to be registered with the portal to make any changes. If you haven’t registered yet, just click on “Activate UAN” option on the right on the same page.

Step 2

After logging in to the site, the next step involves you clicking on “Manage” and select “modify basic details.” Please note that if you have already linked your Aadhaar with the UAN, basic personal details cannot be changed on the UAN profile. You will have to get it changed on your Aadhaar, which requires visiting your nearest Aadhaar Enrolment centre or by simply visiting the UIDAI’s official site.

Step 3

On the modification page, enter your Aadhaar number in the slot provided. Also, add details including your name, gender and date of birth as per your Aadhaar. Click on “update details.”

Step 4

You will now be able to view “pending requests” on the UAN portal. You will see that your employer is required to verify the profile changes made by you. In case you have wrongly entered any details, there is an option to “delete request” and you can re-enter and reapply for the change.

Step 5

Your employer will receive the request. They now can access the Employer side of the Unified portal interface by checking the “Member>Details Change Request.” Only after the request is accepted from the employer’s side, the request will be sent to the Dealing Hand, of concerned EPFO office.

On verification from the dealing hand, the request will be pushed to the Section Supervisor, which will then move to APFC/RPFC. The final approval or rejection rests in the hands of the APFC/RPFC. Once your Aadhaar is verified and your employer has accepted the request, you will get a popup saying “Aadhaar is already verified. Your details aren’t editable.”

The basic details on Aadhaar will be reflected on your UAN. For any changes, you will first have to get your Aadhaar details corrected. You can do so online, if your Aadhaar is linked to a registered mobile number, using OTP.

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