Fingerprint Lock For WhatsApp Chats Coming Soon; Here’s How It Will Work

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Several weeks ago, reports were doing rounds that WhatsApp has been planning to add some extra layers of security for iPhone users. In reality, this extra security would require users to authenticate themselves using the iPhone FaceID and Touch ID before they could access WhatsApp chats even. Only if the iPhone is unlocked.

Now, it has come to everyone’s attention that the same functionality is also coming to Android phones soon as the details of the feature have been found in WhatsApp 2.19.3 beta version. The version has already been submitted to the Google Play store.

The, a website that reports on WhatsApp related topics, notes that the feature currently has no timeline for when it will be released to users, but it is definitely in the works. The feature will allow users to unlock WhatsApp and all the chats inside it using the same fingerprint scanner that people usually use to unlock the phone.

-The feature is said to be available for the full app and not specific chats.

-To use the feature, WhatsApp users will have to go into Privacy settings and then check the Authentication part.

-Once the Authentication has been enabled, even if your phone is unlocked no one will be able to read your chats until or unless you lock by using your fingerprint.

-Once the Authentication is enabled, you will have to unlock the app every time you open it by clicking on its notification.

-As a backup method, WhatsApp users will also be able to use the PIN they have set in the phone to unlock the app every time they want to read a chat or what to start a chat.

-The feature will reportedly work on Android phones that have a fingerprint scanner and run Android Marshmallow software or a newer version of Android.

-The fingerprint security for chats is not the only new feature WhatsApp is going to add to the app with WhatsApp 2.19.3 beta version.

The WhatsApp 2.19.3 beta version will also reportedly come with performance improvements for the chat app. Lately, WhatsApp has also added some new features for Apple iPhone users such as adding personal stickers, replay privately, 3D Touch action for Status, Group Stickers management and much more. These features are offered with the beta update – for iOS users.

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