Facebook Will Give A Cash Reward Of $40,000 To User Who’ll Do This

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If you are looking for a medium to make some big bucks, then here’s your chance. Facebook has launched a bounty program where it is offering anyone to earn $40,000 who can catch large data leaks.

The move comes in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The internet giant announced a bounty program on Tuesday which would reward people who find cases of data abuse on its platforms. If you are wondering that you only can win $40,000 then you are wrong, as the initial payout begins from the amount $500 and you also have a chance to earn way more than $40,000, if you can make more big discoveries other than the reporting of any misuse of data by app developers

Facebook already pays out over $1 million on average a year in bug bounties, executives said. Facebook reviews all legitimate reports, and if it finds some nasty data abusers in the mix, it will shut them down, take legal action, alert those affected by the breach, and pay the person who reported the issue.

According to the social media platform, Facebook’s chief security officer, Alex Stamos this move will help them find more cases about the breach from the public themselves and also it will help their entire team surface more cases like Cambridge Analytica so we can know about it first and take action.

Other possible scenarios if a breach is caught, including shutting down the app, using the data leaker or conducting an onsite audit or buying unauthorized data. Facebook currently has 10 people on their bounty hunter team but plans to hire more people to investigate substantiated claims.

To be eligible for the investigation, the said case must involve at least 10,000 Facebook users, show how data was abused and another condition is that Facebook itself must not have been aware of that specific issue before.

Other aspects which are not eligible for the investigation are the companies that scrape data, a person who uses malware to get people to install the app and also the non-Facebook cases on other platforms like Instagram.

It is not the first time that Facebook has launched some bounty program, in fact, Facebook first announced its intention to launch a data abuse bounty program in late March in response to the Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal.

The Data Abuse Bounty was inspired by the existing bug bounty program that the social network uses to ward off hackers and address security issues.

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