Facebook Confirms Tracking Your Texts & Phone Calls: Here’s How To Avoid It

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This weekend the world’s biggest social networking service company Facebook has been facing a backlash for quite sometime now, due to its stance on protecting the data of millions of its users as American and British lawmakers demanded an explanation on how a political data firm with links to President Trump’s 2016 campaign was somehow able to get hold of private information from more than 50 million Facebook profiles without the social network’s alerting users.

In the major turn of event, the world’s biggest social media platform Facebook has finally admitted to the allegations that were blamed on them earlier. Facebook has finally confirmed that the social media platform for a very long time had been collecting and storing detailed calling and text messaging records from some of its users.

The allegations about Facebook collecting the data of its users has been resurfacing since the last week. Some users come wu with a feature of the platform that gave them an access to all of their data from the company’s servers. Some users found that these records included detailed records about phone calls they made in the past, including numbers as well as the duration of each and every call.

Facebook, however, did not reveal the number of users whose data they have recorded. There are over 1.2 billion Facebook Messenger users as of 2017. The Android operating system dominates the smartphone market, capturing over 80% of market share. Whereas, the iPhone users do not seem to have been affected by this Facebook’s drama.

The platform also admitted that this type of data has only been collected from some users, specifically those who have used Facebook Messenger or Facebook Lite on Android and also opted into the continuous upload of phone contact, text and call information. Facebook also informed their users that they can opt out of sharing this type of information if they previously allowed the company to access it.

Follow these steps to avoid Facebook to sneak into your private information:

-The best thing a user can do is to avoid giving Facebook your call and SMS details, which can happen by denying the Facebook apps access to your contacts when you are installing these apps.

-There is also another way to turn off the permission from Facebook settings. To do this, open your Facebook messenger Go to settings > People > Turn off Contact Sync. To delete previously uploaded contacts, go to this page, log into your account and delete contacts.

-If you have Facebook lite on your phone then just simply Go to Settings > Turn off Continuous Contacts Upload. Also turn off Sync Your Call and Text History.

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