Except For This Model, Apple Has Raised The Prices Of All iPhones In India

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Smartphones and many other gadgets will see a surge in its pricing post the Union Budget. The Indian government has increased the customs duty on mobile phones from 15% to 20%.

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An increase of up to 3.6 percent has been observed in the prices of iPhone models and up to 8.3 percent in prices of Apple Watch models. The increase in prices, effective from today onwards, have hiked the prices of some of the models.

iPhone X 256 GB is now dearer by Rs. 3,000-3,200, to Rs. 1,08,930 from the earlier Rs 1,05,720.

The starting prices of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are now higher by Rs. 1,100 and 1,350 respectively, to Rs. 31, 900 and Rs. 42,900, respectively.

The iPhone 7 (32GB) will now retail at Rs. 52,370, up from Rs. 50,810; the iPhone 7 (128GB) has a new MRP of Rs. 61,560, up from Rs. 59,910; the iPhone 7 Plus (32GB) has a new MRP of Rs. 62,840, up from the previous Rs. 61,060; the iPhone 7 Plus (128GB) has a new MRP of Rs. 72,060, up from the previous Rs. 70,180.

The newer iPhone models have also received price hikes. The iPhone 8 (64GB) has a new MRP of Rs. 67,940, up from the previous Rs. 66,120; the iPhone 8 (256GB) has a new MRP of Rs. 81,500, up from the previous Rs. 79,420; the iPhone 8 Plus (64GB) has a new MRP of Rs. 77,560, up from the previous Rs. 75,450; the iPhone 8 Plus (256GB) has a new MRP of Rs. 91,110, up from Rs. 88,750.

The only iPhone that has not received a price hike is the iPhone SE. The Cupertino giant assembles the iPhone SE in India. Apple iPhone SE comes in two storage variants – 32GB and 128GB priced at Rs. 26,000 and Rs. 35,000 respectively.

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Apple will soon start manufacturing the iPhone 6S model in India as well. iPhone 6S was launched two years back and are still popular in the emerging markets like India.

Apple watches have seen a similar price hike.

The Apple Watch Series 3 GPS (38mm) has a new MRP of Rs. 32,380, up from the previous Rs. 29,900; the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS (42mm) has a new MRP of Rs. 34,410, up from the previous Rs. 31,900. The new prices are also applicable for the Nike+ edition.

This isn’t the first time the import duty on imported mobile phones have seen a hike. The current hike is in accordance with the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative which aims to promote manufacturing within the country.

The first increase in import duty effected Apple the most since it imports 88% of its models to India, leaving just the iPhone SE.

Analysts say that the duty increase should prompt the Cupertino based smartphone maker to assemble more models in India, which it considers as one of its most important markets globally.


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