Easily Send Secret Voice Messages on WhatsApp, Here’s How

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No one can deny that the WhatsApp takes up a huge chunk of time spent on our smartphones. It doesn’t matter if it is for work or personal use, people are greeted with lots of message from the moment one wakes up till the time one retires at the end of the day. Forwarded messages that are received from people in the family or WhatsApp groups or the constant pings from work groups, there’s never an end to the text messages that fill up our storages very quickly.

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Apart from the text messages, WhatsApp also allows its users to record short voice messages that can be sent across the WhatsApp contacts. The feature of voice messages in Whatsapp is very convenient and allows the users to more effectively communicate with each other than the text messages. But, playing these voice messages on the loudspeaker can be a challenge especially when you are not at home. Here in this article, it has been explained on how you can listen to your WhatsApp voice messages privately without alerting people around you.

Those who want to listen to audio messages received from WhatsApp privately, they need to hit the play button and have to bring the smartphone to the ear. The voice notes playback is also present at the earpiece of the smartphone apart from the loudspeaker. The application in itself is able to recognize with the help of sensors that you’ve placed the phone to your ears and the audio messages play through the earpiece.

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Apart from this, those who want to hide ‘Last Seen’ on WhatsApp can do it by following easy steps. One needs to go to account settings then the user needs to click on the Privacy option. Then the user needs to Select Last Seen option. There will three options available which will be Everyone (your info will be visible to all), My contacts (Your info will be visible to your WhatsApp contacts only) and Nobody (No one will be able to see your Whatsapp and Last Seen info). In the end, the user needs to decide the option according to their need and the Last Seen will be visible to the contacts as per the option is chosen.

For those who want to disable ‘Blue Ticks’ or Read Receipts on WhatsApp need to go to the WhatsApp account settings and then have to click on the Account option and need to select Privacy. One needs to disable Read Receipts but one thing to keep in mind is that that a user can’t disable the read receipts option for group chats and play receipts for voice messages and there is no option to turn off these settings.


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