Distinct Feature Of Instagram’s Video Call Will Leave You Speechless

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Instagram has recently launched a new feature that allows the user to make video calls to their friends and also allows the users to scroll through the app simultaneously at the same time. Following the lead of Snapchat, Instagram has recently launched the video calling feature and the owner of Instagram, Facebook is also planning to add group video calling feature in WhatsApp later this year.

It isn’t altogether a new technology as it is the one that’s being increasingly adopted as the price of data has gone down in the Indian market. As so many other options are available, one may wonder about the specialty of video calling option within Instagram. The new feature of Instagram works within the app present in the iOS or Android smartphones. In this, the user doesn’t need to download anything as the feature can be used right away. Instagram allows the user to talk and scroll at the same time.

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After the video call has been started, in the Direct Messages part of the app one can minimize the call and can continue scrolling to see the latest feed. It doesn’t seem like Instagram is trying to replace Skype or FaceTime. The new feature is only adding convenience and trying to keep up with the current trends. The odd part is that Facebook has actually offered group video calls before WhatsApp.

The group calling feature is a major attraction but currently, there is no shortage of competitors who are offering video chat. Instagram video call allows 4 people to chat at the same time whereas Snapchat allows 16 people and Facebook Messenger allows 50 people but FaceTime allows only 2 users to chat at the same time. There are also some extra features offered by each of these apps. For example, FaceTime allows the customers to use the rest of your smartphone while chatting.

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Apart from this feature of Instagram, Apple wanted to remove this feature from iPhone X. Although Apple Company is popular for adding/omitting features as per their own line of thought and has also made a drastic change in the smartphone market. The 3.5mm headphone jack was removed from the iPhone 7 smartphone in 2016 and the TouchID sensor was removed from the iPhone X. but apart from this the popular smartphone company to omit the lightning port from the iPhone X.

The designers of the Apple Company had an idea to make the iPhone X completely wire-free by removing the wired charging tech. But, the wireless charging tech is slower than the wired charging is the reason why Apple dropped this idea. The wireless charging tech could have made the smartphone more costly than its current price.


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