Changing Address In Aadhaar Will Become Easier From 2019; Here’s How

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The UIDAI is planning to start a new service from April which will help Aadhaar cardholders who do not have valid proof of residence of the current location to update their address easily by using a letter having a secret PIN. The citizens who don’t have any valid proof of address can submit their request for address verification through the Aadhaar letter having a secret PIN.

It has been mentioned that once the letter is received by the resident, he/she can use the secret PIN to update his/her address in Aadhaar card on the online portal of SSUP. People living in rented accommodation face the problem in availing services for which Aadhaar is required and are not able to update their address because they don’t have any valid proof of address.

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With the help of the new service that will start on April 1, Adhaar cardholders would be able to opt for Aadhaar letter having a secret PIN from the website of UIDAI like banks and credit card companies that provide a letter with the PIN for activating for debit or credit cards to their customers. Currently, people are supposed to fill form and have to submit any one of the 35 documents mentioned under Aadhaar regulation which includes passport, bank passbook, voter ID, driving licence, registered rent agreement, marriage certificate etc.

Apart from this if someone wants to verify whether the details provided on the Adhaar card are correct or not, it can be done easily with the help of the UIDAI website. Those who want to verify whether the contact details are correct on the Aadhaar card, one needs to visit the home page of the UIDAI website and choose the option Verify Email/Mobile Number under Aadhaar Services tab. In the new tab, one needs to enter details like your Aadhaar number, email address, the mobile number that you want to verify, and a security code. One important thing to note is that the UIDAI security code is case sensitive and the users should keep in mind that letters in upper and lower case mentioned in the security code will be treated as different entities by the system.

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If one wants to verify the email address then the user needs to enter the Aadhaar number, email address, and a security code on the platform of UIDAI. The user will then receive the OTP on their email address. The OTP that will be received in the email address needs to be entered on the right side of the page in the space provided. Once the entries are valid and match, the system will respond by saying “Congratulations! The Email ID matches with our records!”

The users are supposed to enter their contact number instead of the email address in order to receive the OTP on the contact number so that it can be verified from the website. The procedure of verification of the contact number is similar to the verification of the email address. After the entries are found valid, the system will respond by saying “Congratulations! The Mobile Number matches with our records!”


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