Bug is Causing Incorrect Merging of Contacts in Some Xiaomi Phones: Here’s The Fix

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Xiaomi has acknowledged a bug in select handsets that is causing merging of contacts on their own.

Xiaomi VP Manu Kumar Jain on Thursday said in a tweet that the company is aware of the issue related to contacts incorrectly merging. “After our internal investigation, we’ve found that this is a 3rd party issue,” he said.

The company has also provided a temporary fix to resolve this problem. Here’s how it works.

First you need to download an APK for ‘Contacts Corrector’, install it and give necessary permissions. Launch the application and press ‘check’. Press correct to automatically remove the wrong data.

If the above mentioned workaround doesn’t work, users should try an alternate solution for WhatsApp or Truecaller. Xiaomi points out that the alternate solution will only check for wrong contacts from Whatsapp and Truecaller.

“Don’t worry, your Local, Google or Mi contacts database won’t get affected. It will delete the wrong data created by Whatsapp or Truecaller and will also help with linked and duplicated contacts. Truecaller might try to “delete” and “Sync” again in Truecaller account database, the exact reason is unknown for that app behavior,” the company said in a forum post.

“Till now as we know, the issue persists almost for all major OEM devices.”

Alternate solution: You need to Backup data of WhatsApp (Whatsapp – setting – chats – backup), uninstall Whatsapp > reinstall Whatsapp.

If the issue occurs again then go to Setting > sync > disable Whatsapp sync. Repeat for Truecaller with similar steps of reinstallation.

The company has promised to provide a permanent fix for this problem and has already reached out to Android and WhatsApp in this regard.

Earlier, various users took to the social media and Mi forums to point out the problem.

“There is a bug in Contacts. When you open a contact, it shows correctly, but when you press to send message, then the name automatically gets changed, but the phone no remains same. Attached screen shots of the Bug. Also attached is the About Phone screen for the version of the software ect., The real contact is Debasmita C304, but in message it is showing as Currylicious, which is wrong, but the phone no is correct,” wrote a user on the company’s forum.

“Sir, this is very genuine problem with every MI phone, find the permanent solution to existing devices and fix it to new devices coming and available in market,” said another user on Twitter while responding to Manu Kumar Jain.



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