Avoid Doing This Thing, Or You’ll Be Banned By Uber

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If you are a usual commuter of Uber, then you must be familiar with the guidelines that you are supposed to follow for the safety of riders. Well, in the light of new violence cases against drivers have been brought into limelight occasionally.

To maintain a fair scenario, Uber has gone ahead and rolled out its updated guidelines for its driver partners. The new guidelines have been devised keeping in mind the interest of driver safety as well.

If a rider misbehaves with drivers repeatedly, Uber drivers can report of such incidents to their respective company, after which the rider will be removed from the platform. If the issue comes off as more serious, the Uber account may be put on hold and suspended for usage until the investigation is underway.

“Riders are expected to exercise good judgment and behave decently towards other people in the car when riding with Uber Riders may lose access to Uber if they don’t meet the star rating requirements set out in the community guidelines,” Uber Head of Cities Prabhjeet Singh told PTI.

The following actions could lead to strict action against the driver:

-Damage to drivers’ or other passengers’ property.

-use of inappropriate language or even gestures.

-unwanted contact with the driver or fellow passenger.

–breaking local law.

The updated guidelines have also brought stringent action for cases involving violence, sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination or illegal activities while using Uber’s services against the driver. Drivers can report of such behaviour against passengers and Uber will take up the investigation, involving the driver as well as a passenger.

Uber has also rolled out a new Driver Safety Toolkit feature, with which drivers get access to an emergency button. They will also get the “Share Trip” feature that will share the location of the driver with friends, family and other contacts of the driver. However, the feature won’t share any information related to the passenger.



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