Are You on Twitter? If Yes, Then This Major Announcement By Twitter Is for You

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Twitter which is an online news and social networking service has requested its 336 million users around the world to change their password immediately after the internal technology team found out that the password of the users was getting saved as plain text in Twitter’s servers.

The chief of the internal technology team Parag Agarwal detected that an internal bug was saving the password unmasked and the internal technology team has also fixed the error.

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Normally the user password in Twitter is encrypted or hashed which means that the password is changed into a random string of characters, based on a cryptographic algorithm to secure the password from the hackers. But after the problem was detected Twitter has given some instructions to its users.

The few security tips given by Twitter to their users are related to how to secure your account. The first tip is to change the password of your twitter account and also where you are using the same password. The second tip is to use a very strong password which you are not using on any other websites and the strong password should consist of long and consist of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers.

The Twitter user has to enable login verification, also known as two-factor authentication to increase the account security even more. At the end use the password manager to make sure that you are using a strong password on every website other than Twitter also.

Even though the problem has been solved but Twitter has now started exploring to find an option which allows the user to send the encrypted direct messages. If this feature is released by Twitter then it will allow users to privately share information in the same way as the other applications like WhatsApp, Telegram use. This feature will make it able to prevent any interception by any third party other than the receiver or the sender.

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Before Twitter detected the bug exposing user’s passwords, it was first found on GitHub which is a web-based hosting service. GitHub also mailed a few users stating that during their regular auditing they found out that a small bug was exposing the user’s passwords on the internal logging system.

GitHub has fixed the error and wanted its users to reset the password to secure it. They also ensured that the passwords of the users are saved in an encrypted format and they have not intentionally exposed the password of their users and it has not been hacked or compromised in any way.


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