An Indian Language Is Crashing Apple iPhones Across The World

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Apple is scrambling to fix a glitch in its latest software update. It is already suffering from the mixed reports it has received for its new HomePod speaker.

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The latest bug, discovered by Italian blog Mobile World, is focused on a single character of a local Indian language- Telugu- which once typed on any iOS device can cause it to misbehave, crash, or even end stuck in a bootloop.

The company was working on a fix for the iOS 11, the macOS High Sierra, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11 versions that the bug affects, an Apple spokesperson said.

If a user were to open any conversation in a text-based app like WhatsApp, Twitter, or Facebook Messenger, and type the character, the app will crash, and it will keep force closing each time you try to re-open it.

The bug also afflicts other third-party applications, such as Gmail and Outlook for iOS, while others like Skype and Telegram seem to be unaffected.

If someone else were to send the character as a text, the notification snippet containing the character could also freeze or restart the entire iOS springboard by itself.

Reports suggests that the bug afflicts platforms beyond iOS: watchOS and macOS apps like Notes, Safari, and the App Store all reportedly crash as soon as the infamous character shows up.

However, some apps like Telegram and Skype seem to be unaffected, the report said, adding that an Italian blog Mobile World spotted the bug.

The only safe operating system seems to be iOS 11.3, which is however only publicly available in beta form.

Apple is aware of the problem and is working on a quick fix and beta versions of the upcoming iOS 11.3 have already had the glitch eradicated.

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However, such a major technical glitch can severely affect users, considering how vital smartphones have become in our life.

There is a hack to help affected users: get someone you trust to send you an ordinary message and the Messages app should reopen again. This will allow you to then delete the damaging message. This is not a permanent fix.

This problem is just the latest in a long line of issues Apple has had with almost every version of iOS 11, the most consistent of which is terrible battery life. Apple is also currently “looking into” growing numbers of iPhone X models which cannot receive or hangup phone calls.

Looking at the bigger picture, leaks have already revealed Apple will scale back its ambitions for the launch of iOS 12 later this year.

The company will instead focus on improving performance and core stability, then drip feed new features with subsequent updates.

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