All Public Vehicles To Have GPS By February 15

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To bring greater transparency, the Delhi government has mandated that the installation of the global positioning system (GPS) will be made mandatory for all commercial transport vehicles. The decision was taken last year and the fruition of the idea will take place by February 15.

Those violating the rule will not be given permission to use the vehicle for commercial purposes or transportation. Owners have to install GPS devices at their own cost, which runs into a few thousand rupees, depending on the manufacturer.

Under a special drive starting March 1, the transport department will issue challans, cancel permits and impound vehicles if anyone is found to be violating the order. A notice has been issued in this regard.

The transport department recently set up an operations control center where all public transport vehicles are monitored through GPS tracking. The latest summary report prepared by the department revealed that nearly 75% of all public transport vehicles in Delhi don’t have functional GPS devices.

A transport department official stated that the department is preparing a list of vehicles that don’t have functional GPS for the last three months or more. These vehicles will be targeted.

Adoption of devices would help the Transport Department to keep a tab on mineral-laden trucks and crack down on illegal transportation of minerals. Such devices help track trucks from the time of loading to unloading and also crack down on stolen vehicles, the official said. Currently, most logistics and courier service enterprises have installed these devices to track their vehicles. But a large number of commercial vehicles in the private sector have not adopted GPS devices. Installation of GPS provides details about the vehicle, including the distance covered and so on.


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