Alert! SBI To Block Internet If You Fail To Do This By November 30

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As everyone in the nation knows that it is no longer mandatory to link your Aadhar card to your other official documents.

When the official decision regarding this matter came out a few weeks ago from the Supreme court it seemed like a relief but it seems as if SBI has come up with a whole another trick. According to some official reports the State Bank of India wants to make sure that all the existing internet banking accounts are linked to the holder’s phone number.

SBI has warned account holders that if they have not yet linked their phone number with their bank accounts will be unable to use net banking through SBI app or website after from December “Please register your mobile number by November 30, 2018, failing which your internet banking access may be deactivated/blocked with effect from December 1, 2018,” SBI said on its website.

Note that right now only the net banking services will be blocked for the SBI customers who have not linked their accounts with their phone number. The account otherwise will continue to be fully functional. SBI will only take away your internet banking rights. If you want to get back your internet banking right, then all you need to do is to visit your nearest branch and request the linking of your mobile number with your SBI bank account.

SBI account holders can check online on the same SBI net banking website if their mobile number is yet registered with their bank or not. Follow these steps to check:

– The first thing that you need to do is log on to your SBI internet banking services with the help pf official SBI website

– Then you need to Go to My Accounts and then go to the Profile tab

– After clicking on Profile, go to Personal Details/Mobile

– Here enter your profile password. Your profile password is different from your account password.

– Your registered phone number will be displayed on the screen. If your number is not registered, you will have to visit your nearest bank to get it registered.

On a related note, SBI has also informed its customers that the older mag strip debit cards are easier to clone and could be used for fraudulent transactions. The older mag strip debit cards aren’t secure and it’s not too difficult to skim personal information and card details. In skimming, crooks use a small device to steal credit card information in an otherwise legitimate card transaction.

And so SBI has also asked its customers to upgrade their Magstripe debit cards to EMV chip cards. This is for the enhanced security of the customer’s account. The request for the replacement and applying EMV chip cards is free of cost and can be done through online SBI or through the customer’s home branch.

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