5 Things To Prepare Before Applying For Loan

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are in dire need of capital investment, the reason can be anything, but a periodic flow of capital is required to meet the respective short-term and long-term requirements, that’s when loan comes to the rescue. Borrowing needs a properly documented plan. Here are five things that you should prepare before applying for a bank loan for the business.

Make a plan

If you’ll go for a loan, you need to have a proper plan for it. The business plan should clearly indicate the viability, estimated profitability of the business, including the present operations as well as the upcoming expansion plans if you have any. Depending upon the type of loan you need, the length of the loan will also play a part in determining your total loan cost.

List requirements

The business requirements should be budgeted and aligned with the financial structure of the respective industry. You should list down possible scenarios which can be discussed.

Seek professional help

In order to get the aforementioned things right, you can seek professional help from Chartered Accountants, certified Business Analysts, Company Secretaries, lawyers, etc.

Prepare requisite documents

After finalising the needs of your business plan, the next thing you need to do is to collect all the documents that will be required during the loan application process. Professionals such as CAs and lawyers can help you in getting the documents according to the requirements.

Identifying a bank

One of the basic-yet-overlooked things is shortlisting a bank. You should always look for a bank that is domestically nearer to your business set up. Don’t approach a bank far-away from the business location, unless the local branches can’t fulfil the requirements.

Interest Rates

Regardless of the type of loan, you decide on, you need to pay attention to current interest rates. These will play an important role in deciding the total amount of the loan that must be paid back.

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