5 Powerful Beliefs That Can Ruin Your Career Completely

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Making mistakes doesn’t make one a failure but one who doesn’t learn from it really fails. If you’ll keep putting your faith in harmful belief, then you’ll be doing some serious damage to your life as well your career.

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Your subconscious, good or bad, can either magnify the negativity that is somewhere inside you or instead can help you turn that misstep into something productive. Your career growth is depended on where you place your focus in.

Here are 5 deadly belief you need not linger around if you really want to have a successful career ahead.

“Perfection and success go together”

Us humans very own nature is being imperfect and learning from our mistakes. It isn’t necessary that only doing perfect things will lead you to success. What happens when you make perfection your goal is that you rarely get satisfied from the work you do and are always left with a nagging sense of failure.

You eventually end up spending your time lamenting about things that you could have done in a different way, instead of actually enjoying what you were able to achieve from it.

“My destiny is Predetermined”

Many people keep lingering around the idea of how they are already destined to succeed or fail. Well, your destiny is not really in your own hands and lamenting about the fact is as irrational as it can get. What happens to your career in the future is depended on how you act in the present and what sacrifices are you willing to make for it.

Instead of blaming multiple forces that are beyond your control you can actually put the focus where it really matters, in the present. Just never lose your willingness to do something at all.

“I succeed when others approve of me”

Judging yourself just on the basis of someone else’s opinion is not rational or healthy even. No matter what, you should never lose faith in yourself. It’s impossible to turn off your reactions to what others think of you, but you can take people’s opinions with a grain of salt.

“Everyone is doing this, so I should too”

This one belief is same as comparing yourself to others. So your coworker is going back to school for a PhD, or your friend is pouring an extra 10 hours a week into blogging, etc.

So what? In your career, you have to choose things that are best for you. Forget about matching the accomplishments of everyone else and you’ll definitely end up with success.

“I’ve failed earlier, so I’m failing in the future too”

Our past doesn’t define us, and it certainly doesn’t define the future. Believing that previous failure is necessary for more failure makes you discouraged to be riskier that could actually be good for your career. Learning from your failure is all it takes.

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