5 Best Photo Editing Apps For 2019

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There are many features to be considered when you want to buy a smartphone. However, one feature that everyone just can’t ignore is the camera. But smartphone photography is a mixed bag of results, primarily due to two factors: First, they cannot capture the same level of detail and provide such a diverse set of controls as standalone cameras, and second, different devices are equipped with different sensors whose capabilities vary from outstanding to underwhelming.

So, what does that mean? Should one stop clicking pictures if they don’t carry an iPhone X or a Pixel 2 in their pockets? The answer is no, absolutely not. This is where photo editing apps come to our rescue. These apps may not improve the camera’s performance, but they more than compensate for it by tweaking the shots clicked by users to their liking.


When it comes to enhancing the quality of shots, a vast collection of filters and precise attribute control tools prove to be the vital editing elements. The app also comes with a rich collection of such features. But what truly sets Google’s image editing app apart is the deep integration of customized control variables in each filter and tool.

Even though the sheer diversity of editing tools and effects can get overwhelming in the beginning, but once you get a hold of them and know where your favourite tools are, you will evolve into a certified photo editing machine. Snapseed has a few other standout features too, such as the ability to edit RAW DNG files and export them as JPG files without any loss in quality.

Then there is the extremely nifty ‘Selective Saturation’ feature, which allows users to select up to eight points on the image and make desired enhancements on the exact same spot without affecting the whole image. There is another very useful functionality called ‘QR Look’, which allows users to create a QR code of the final image and apply the same effect on another unedited image by just scanning the code. And hey, the app is absolutely free!

Adobe Photoshop Express

The Photoshop Express app for smartphones might not be as powerful as its PC counterpart but is still as useful and as amazing. It is completely free to download and use and does not have any advertisements inside the application. The application has many worthy tools to edit images. Furthermore, users can sync with the cloud account and save their progress.

Fotor Photo Editor

The clever wordplay in the name aside, Fotor is a great photo editing application in its own might. The app features a scrollable feed, quite like Instagram where the artists can showcase their work. They also can license their work through Pxbee, a stock photo licensing platform and use it to make money. Offering more than 300 photo effects and some professional grade editing tools, Fotor is one of the best free to download apps available for smartphones.

PicsArt Photo Studio

Claimed to be installed over 500 million times on smartphones, it is one of the most popular software around. The app features over 3000 tools to edit images according to one’s needs.


While it is completely free to download, there are certain in-app purchases and advertisements inside the app itself. But you don’t need to worry as most of the tools are free and do a great job of giving users the results they might be looking for. The biggest selling point of the app is the crazy 25 photos in one collage feature. The app also features a variety of layouts, backgrounds as well as a special feature that allows the spacing between the images.

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