Google Maps Introduces 3 New Features For Their Indian Users

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Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions and route planning for travelling by foot, car, bicycle or public transportation.

Ever since Google began localising its features in India, it has come out with useful offerings aimed at Indian users. Google India a few days earlier announced three features.

From generating unique area-specific codes to using nearby landmarks to navigate to allowing users to add addresses that don’t appear on Maps yet, Google is attempting to bring order to the chaos.

These new features make sharing a location address easier as well as quicker.

1. Plus Codes has been rolled out in India with 2 other features on Tuesday. However, this feature known as Plus Codes have been there in Google Maps in other countries for quite some time now.

This feature represents a simple and consistent addressing system and is based on dividing the geographical surface of the Earth into tiny ‘tiled areas’, attributing a unique code to each of them.

These Plus codes can be generated with the help of the Maps app and can be sent through any text messaging service. This code comprises a ‘Six-character + City’ format. One can even paste it into the Google Search bar.

Google explains that in these alphanumeric codes, the first four determines the area while adding more digits to it will zoom into the locality and will eventually give the near-exact location of the place.

2. For an accurate and easy searching on Maps, Google also launched ‘Add an Address’, a feature that enables users to contribute to the Maps experience from the Google Maps app. With this new feature, Google expects to bring those locations on its map that have been apparently missing to date.

Users can submit new or missing addresses through this feature, and Google will ensure that the address is searchable in due course after verification. This crowdsourcing feature has a verification filter attached as well.Users get Local Guides points for each valid submission.

3. Google India launched Navigation in Hindi three years ago, since then they have consistently been receiving requests to be able to change the voice-guided navigation from English to a local language. Hence, Google India is now launching voice navigation in six additional Indian languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam.

The prime utility of these three features is enabling the users to make more out of the Google Maps, leveraging it potential to localisation in India further.

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