How To Move Apps From Phone Memory To SD Card In Android

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Android phones are getting more storage space these days. However, capacity is still at a premium on older phones and budget models.

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The base storage in most Android-powered smartphones is usually 32GB. However, there may be storage issues with some entry-level Android phones. This often restricts the number of apps a user can download on his phone.

Here, one way is to transfer some of the apps to an SD card. But remember that you cannot transfer all apps to an SD card also many Android phones do not support this feature.

A large chunk of that storage is already taken up by the operating system and preloaded software. After you start adding your own apps, shooting photos and videos and downloading podcasts, you risk running out of space.

Here’s how you can go about it. Check out the steps.

First, identify the apps that you want to move to the SD cards. Please note here that apps which require a continuous sync are not recommended to be moved. Pre-installed or native apps too can’t be moved (especially Google’s apps).

So, it is a good idea if you have apps that you use occasionally, and have ample space on your SD card.

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Step 1: Head over to the Apps management section under ‘Settings’ of your phone. Here you will find listed all the apps that are installed in your phone. Selecting one of the apps will take you to the individual app settings.

Step 2: Once in the app setting, you should be able to see “Move to SD card” as an option. Android makes provisions for detecting apps installed both on phone and SD card memory.

Step 3: Click “Move to SD card” and wait for until the process is complete. This should be a few seconds and not too long.


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